Anna Mercy T. V., Ph.D
Professor, Director
Aquaculture and Fish Processing


  • T. V. Anna Mercy after obtaining her M.Sc. in Marine Biology (Cochin University) Ph.D from the Department of Aquatic Biology & Fisheries, Kerala University, started her career as Junior Lecturer in Assumption College, Changanacherry in 1982.
  • Her Ph. D work was on a unique fish, the Indian blind clariid fish Horaglanis krishnai Menon that dwells in the subterranean wells at Kottayam, Kerala.
  • She progressed to become the Junior Assistant Professor in Aquaculture at the College of Fisheries, Kerala Agricultural University, Panangad during the year 1984.
  • In 2002 she became Professor.
  • She pioneered research on Indigenous fresh water Ornamental Fishes of the Western Ghats of India and developed captive breeding technology for 15 prioritized fresh water species including Sahyadria denisonii popularly known as “Miss Kerala”, first of its kind in India. Sahyadria denisonii is a much sought after ornamental fish in the international market. Previously the species was collected from the wild for export which has led to its indiscriminate exploitation and hence became endangered. The development of captive breeding technology was a breakthrough in science which has led to the conservation of this endangered species in nature.
  • Was instrumental in conducting innumerable training programmes on ornamental fish culture for the rural people at state level and national level.
  • Based on her experience, she is by default a valued resource person on ornamental fish culture at the state, national and international levels.
  • She has published about 100 research papers including 50 in peer reviewed journals.
  • She has authored/co authored the following books;
  • Ornamental fishes of the Western Ghats of India
  • An Aquarium at your home
  • Guidelines for green certification of fresh water ornamental fishes
  • Best Management practices for Fresh water ornamental fish production
  • Protecting our fish from a dangerous world-a work book for developing a biosecurity programme
  • (English & Malayalam)


  • Prepared training manuals, and practical manuals for fisheries students
  • Besides Publishing many popular articles in Indian and foreign magazines, she has been interviewed by media for her opinions in the field of ornamental fish culture.
  • Besides Broadcasting about 50 radio talks, her programmes on ornamental fishes have been telecasted on National Television Channels
  • Guided many M.F.Sc and Ph.D students